Budenny & Don Horse Sales/Breeding

  • Heartly Horse House Equine Reproduction Center (Russia)

  • First Cavalry Army Stud (Russia)

  • Donskoi Stud (Russia)

  • Kazachij Stud aka Cossack Stud (Russia)​

  • Golden Horses from the Allgäu (Germany)

  • Breeder - Veronika Moser (Austria)

  • Marketplace (Russia)

  • Lotus Performance Horses (Italy, Germany)


Russian Registry & Associations

  • VNIIK: The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Horse Breeding (Russia)

  • VNIIK Searchable Horse Database (Russia)

  • Studbook Regulations for Horses of the Russian Federation

  • Association Rosplemkonzavod (Russia)



Conservancy & Preservation

  • The Endangered Equine Alliance (USA)

  • The Livestock Conservancy (USA)

  • Rare Breeds Survival Trust (UK)


Other Russian/Eastern Horse Breeds

  • Orlov-Rostopchin Sporthorse Association (USA)

  • Tersk Horse (Russia)

  • Orlov Trotters at Moscow Stud Farm No.1 (Russia) ​

Past Issues: NABHR Annual News

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Recommended Reading

"A Rare Budenny Finds Her Cowboy" in Warmbloods Today Magazine by Karina Rapp (2017) PDF


"The Budyonny Horse Breed" from The Book About the Horse by Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny (1952) PDF


"Horses" from Animal Genetic Resources of the USSR, FAO United Nations in Rome (1989) PDF


"The Budenny Horse" in The Great Horse Breeds of the World (eds. Bonnie Marlewski-Probert) by Karina Rapp (2011) on

Manual of Methods for Preservation of Valuable Equine Genetics in Live Animals and Post-Mortem by Texas A&M University & the Livestock Conservancy (2018) PDF

Equine Piroplasmosis Factsheet by APHIS PDF