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Conservation + Genetic Diversity + Breed Promotion + Rare Breed Survival + Education

Join us and be a part of the Golden Horse's worldwide revival!​

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Horse Registration

Become a member of the NABHR and help support our efforts in the promotion of rare breeds and Russia's Golden Horses!

Member Benefits

  • Annual Newsletter

  • Performance Incentive Programs

  • Breed Ambassador Rewards

  • Participate in Organization Decisions

  • Be a Part of the Breed's Worldwide Revival

Register your horse with the NABHR (you must have an active member ID). Options to dual register with VNIIK and test your horse or foal for DNA parentage verification are available.

Additional Forms

  • NABHR Rulebook

  • Studbook Provisions

  • Change of Ownership Form

  • Stallion Breeding Report

  • Breeder Certificate for Mare Owners

  • AI Breeding Certificate



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