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About the North American Budenny Horse Registry

Founded in 2008 as a public interest group for the Budenny horse in North America, the North American Budenny Society made its public debut in 2009 at a California horse exposition with Kinaja, one of Zalatoy Ranch's Budenny mares for breed representation. It held the distinction of being the number-one English-language, American-based resource on the Budenny horse, with breed information verified by VNIIK. 

Realizing the urgent need to develop the Budenny horse in North America, NABS was replaced in 2017 with the North American Budenny Horse Registry. With an expanded marketplace of current Budennies for sale and at stud, and connections to the Russian markets and network of stud farms, the NABHR aims to help the Budenny horse breed become more widely recognized for its exceptional athletic talent and honest companionship, and to continue its mission in education and conservation.



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  1. Establish the North American "breeding core" through breeder support, recruitment, and incentive programs.

  2. Encourage dual registration with VNIIK (the parent studbook) and the NABHR for population management and quality control.

  3. Manage genetic diversity by facilitating access to frozen AI and Russian bloodstock.

  4. Monitor any defects for exclusion from the breeding core through DNA testing and perfomance standards.

  5. Encourage ambassador activity, event/competition participation, and youth membership through an achievement awards program.

  6. Participation in worldwide Budenny and Don horse breed conservation, education, and promotion.

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Statement of Purpose

2020-2021 Board of Directors


Karina Rapp (BA, MSc) has been engaged in Budenny horse conservation and education since 2008 when she purchased her first Budenny filly and established NABHR's forerunner, the North American Budenny Society (NABS). She is a zooarchaeologist who has worked on horse domestication and morphology, a sculptor and artist, an amateur horse trainer/rider, and an author and equine journalist for Warmbloods Today magazine. Her favorite disciplines include hunter-jumpers, dressage, and trail riding. As President, Karina is responsible for maintaining contacts with VNIIK, the mother-registry in Russia, and various conservation agencies for breed promotion worldwide. Together with the BoD, she is engineering a plan for sustainable breed development and genetic diversity with an academic and historical viewpoint.

Pictured: Karina and her US-bred Budenny mare, Kometa (born 2009).



Northwest Region (ID)
(619) 740-9162


In 2012, Dawn Mackenzie left the medical industry to pursue her undergraduate degree in Animal Science, focusing on equine behavior. Her experience in eventing, Thoroughbred racing, and dressage prepared her to meet and fall in love with the Budenny horse gelding, Total Surprise. She has enjoyed his unique personality and athletic talents and has developed a passion for sustaining rare equine breeds. In 2016 Dawn completed her MSc in Agricultural and Extension Education at West Virginia University and is a Ph.D. candidate at WVU’s Human and Community Development program. Dawn also works for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in their Leadership Center and the Sloan School of Management’s Office of the Dean and is a board member with the New England Dressage Association. As an executive board member for the NABHR, Dawn maintains the Budenny horse database, handles membership applications, and organizes events.


Pictured: Dawn and her US-bred Budenny gelding, Total Surprise (born 2004).

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Northeast Region (MA)

(518) 657-1773 


Anne Lamoriello (BS, AS), journalist and NABHR publicist, has enjoyed success as a writer, reporter, editor and photographer for a variety of publications including Warmblood's Today magazine,  Equine Journal, Boston Herald, Providence Journal-Bulletin (RI), Evening Times (RI), Women's Sports and Fitness magazine and Eagle Tribune (MA). With college and career supplanting her connection with horses, it wasn't until 2009 when she purchased her first horse as an adult. The horse, she knew only as a Russian warmblood and accomplished dressage horse, turned out to be a Budenny. For Anne, owning and riding Ruslan, a stately gentleman, would be the driving force for her education and later involvement with the breed and the NABHR registry.

Pictured: Anne and her imported Budenny gelding Ruslan (1989-2019).

Press & Publicity


Northeast Region (NH)

(978) 270-7136

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